You have to visit the 8 most lovely places in Sri Lanka.

The islands of Sri Lanka are full of romantic scenery, majestic mountains, lush green tea gardens, and golden beaches. There are many lovely naturals, historic and cultural spots in the country, each more picturesque than the next. Sri Lanka offers something that makes your escape unforgettable, from soulful Buddhist monasteries and temples to exotic and impeccable locations seldom visited. Sri Lanka will not disappoint you if you plan with your important others or plan a holiday with your family!


Go on a tour to these most beautiful places in Sri Lanka Tour Packages and it’s hard for you to go home. Please read about Sri Lanka’s finest experiences including amazing places and famous attractions.


  1. Ella – Witness The Countryside Charm


You are looking for Sri Lanka’s best places to visit? Enamore yourself of the incredible views of the Ella Gap and the magnificent gap in the south wall. In the middle of beautiful countryside, this hill station is nothing less than breathtaking, featuring small vegetable plots, tea plantations on the hill slopes, and woods on the tops. Ella, without a doubt, is one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful tours.


  1. Nuwara Eliya – Covered With Lush-Greenery


This hill station Nuwara Eliya, one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful tourist sites, retains the colonial atmosphere of the 19th century with its golf courses, gentleman’s clubs, and mockery-Tudors. This is one of Sri Lanka’s best places for a picturesque train trip. Experience the spectacular view from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya from the surrounding tea plantations, waterfalls, and dramatic mountainous areas. You don’t want to finish the journey! In Kandy, you will enjoy walks and explore nature’s beauty. This is one of the safest places during Covid to visit Sri Lanka.


  1. Orphanage of Pinnawala Elephant – See Giant Beasts


Could you consider anything as warm-hearted as looking at baby elephants as they enjoy soaking in a river? In Pinnawalla Elephant Orphanage one of the most beautiful sites in Sri Lanka has many reasons! If you wouldn’t abandon this paradise, it won’t be difficult to believe.


The town of Kegalle is 13 km away and some public transport is available. This is a very popular tourist destination and offers tourists an experience of a very different nature. See the baby elephants make mistakes and travel here and you will witness a lifetime. All this can’t be found elsewhere.


  1. Polonnaruwa – The Ancient Ruins


The next position in this list is once again one of the best places for visiting Sri Lanka, a city famous for the temples. In the Ruins of Polonnaruwa, you can easily spend your day imagining the old town life. The ruins here are not surprising, but are well preserved and packed with archeological treasures with hundreds of ancient buildings, such as tombs, temples, statues, and stupas.


Sri Lanka is the land of temples and also has many historical sites and histories and is one of the best places of tourism in Sri Lanka.


  1. World Heritage Site of Adams Peak


The nearest destination is one of Sri Lanka’s most interesting tourist destinations and is referred to as the Adam peak. Adam’s top is one of Sri Lanka’s most lovely locations. Climb the pistes in the evening to witness a beautiful dawn sunrise that is impossible to forget.


It’s not easy to match the breathtaking views from Adams Peaks all over Sri Lanka and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The name is special and the destination is so unique. It is located in central Sri Lanka and Sri Pada is one thing that is renowned for. The footprint of Buddha is primarily Sri Pada.


  1. Mirissa – Go Whale Watching


Enjoy your sunbathing in the hammock and searching for whales in the tiny settlement of Mirissa, one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful hideaways on the beach. When you reach this beach paradise, the whole world will be forgotten. For a wonderful holiday, Mirissa must certainly be on your list of great destinations in Sri Lanka.


Not all of them enjoy the city’s rush and the crowd. All of us are searching for a happy and quiet holiday. So if you too are one of these people and you are in Sri Lanka, you certainly should visit this magnificent village called Mirissa.


  1. Yala National Park – Amidst The Wildlife


Get amazed by Yala National Park’s leopards who are home to one of the world’s highest leopards. This national park is a paradise full of grassy plains, trees, lagoons, and coasts. Sri Lankan beautiful areas catch your heart, making it a must-visit in Sri Lanka, a full package of natural beauty and heritage.


A visit to all these beautiful places would make your travel a memorable one. Again, this site is on the list of Sri Lanka’s most visited sites. The village of Bentota is approximately 200 KM away.


  1. Colombo – Visit The Bustling City


Colombo, definitely among the best spots in Sri Lanka, is next on the list. It is absolutely unreasonable and if you do not visit Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, you will not be full on your journey. You can visit many places in this town and this will certainly attract you.


The whole city is stunning and can’t be represented in words in its elegance. You could book a cab or tuk-tuk for a visit to the entire city and list the places you should visit. You will definitely visit the whole town in one day. This bustling city is definitely one of Sri Lanka’s best places to visit.