Top 12 Goa for young people to visit

Goa is a hectic mixture of fun and thrill that’s too difficult to withstand. The beaches, busy flea markets, daring water sports, restaurants, clubs, and pubs all come together to create a vibrant atmosphere. Not unexpectedly, the place draws young people like nothing else. And you really don’t have to visit the capital of the country for any reason or season. You just have to reserve your hotels in Goa to sort your accommodation and head straight for heat, sand, and surfing.


And once you get to it, what do you do? We’re going to say to you. This is our curated list of places for young people to visit in Goa.


Goa for young people places to visit


  1. Grande Island


Grande Island has an exotic presence in the turquoise waters of the Arab sea caressing them from every side. But more than natural beauty there is on this island. The adventure freak in you is pleased to know that you can take a dive on Grande Island. Don’t worry, because numerous organizations provide also novices facilities for this operation if the ABC of scuba diving is not understood. You can be sure that you have a thrilling time with expert coaches and international safety equipment put to work.


  1. Bogmalo Beach


Are you impressed with the tropical underwater world hiding so many marine wonders? What about going deep into the blue sea and discovering the unbelievably lovely corals as colorful fish are bathing around you, or a lobster looks behind a rock on the seabed? For all of these sights, travel to Bogmalo Beach and snorkel. This beach is one of Goa’s best places to enjoy the splendor and glory of marine living.


  1. Palolem Beach


Palolem is one of the top places to visit South Goa, characterized by a stretch of white sand with colorful wooden shacks and lush palm trees. There are numerous water sports facilities in addition to the appeal of this beach. Kayaking is one of these water-based activities in Palolem. Navigating the world of water on a narrow watercraft, isn’t it? Here you can easily rent a kayak, but don’t forget to place a lifejacket before you head out into the sea.


  1. Calangute Beach


The beach queen in Goa, Calangute, is a hip spot with everything for everyone. For a little thrill and fun on the sea, parasailing on this beach is one of the best things to do. Imagine soaring into the sky, even as a speedboat tracks you, causing your adrenaline levels to rise abruptly. The best thing is that from up there you can enjoy wonderful views.


  1. Morjim Beach


There is no reason to think you could not share your water fun there, however, Morjim is regarded as a tranquil beach and as one of Goa’s less crowded. The beach is also a very good spot to swim. The explorers will be pleased by this enjoyable sport that incorporates windsurfing, skateboarding, and paragliding. And for more, you’re going to return to the beach!


  1. Mobor Beach


Not everyone has the pleasure to enjoy a colorful holiday, in particular. If you are in this community and want to feel the fun of water sports, kneeboarding is ideal. And one of the hotspots for kneeboarding is Mobor Beach, a quiet beach in the South of Goa. You all have to enjoy this sport with kneeboards and some passion.


  1. Candolim Beach


The everlasting appeal of Candolim is in its peaceful atmosphere and enchanting nightlife, but not the only aspects that attract young people here. The beach is a perfect place to enjoy adventurous sports in Goa and it’s no wonder so many young people flock to this beach. Try wakeboarding if you’re in Candolim. A fun water sport that allows you, when driving over the water, to balance yourself on a single board. Can you still feel the thrill?


  1. Colva Beach 


Colva is the place to find many attractions and watersports, but we recommend that you go jet skiing here. Gliding under the golden Sunlight can be such an exciting experience over the wavy waters of the Arabian Sea. And once you’ve finished jet skiing, you can only wait until the night to go down to some of the beachfront parties.


  1. Baga Beach


As one of Goa’s most eventful beaches, Baga is truly a delight to the traveler. The beach offers you exotic food, golden sands, and a variety of activities for adventure. But the pleasure of a banana boat on this beach is not beyond anything. Don’t skip this group-adventure activity, whether you are traveling with friends or family. Not all! You can notice many tattoo artists who work in and around the beach from their small shops.


  1. Sinquerim Beach


The sandy coast of Sinquerim Beach welcomes you to an exciting moment with a range of water-based adventure activities. One of the most interesting activities is a dolphin safari, where dolphins spend time in the vast sea. The elegant beings can be an experience of themselves, in their natural world.


  1. Arpora Saturday Night Market


When you visit the night market in Arpora, Saturday Fun is given a new meaning. This marketplace is held every Saturday night, where you can have a fun time shopping, dining, watching live events, or just hang out in the atmosphere of your friends.


  1. Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar


Mackie’s Saturday night Bazar is equally appealing to discover in Goa and is also known as Baga Night Market. If you feel like shopping for a souvenir or want to delight your buds with Goan delicacies, on this weekly market you can do all this and more. Don’t skip the live shows, which are one of its biggest attractions.