TOP 10 Best seats to visit in northern Europe

Norway has become one of the most beautiful countries on the planet because it’s a surprisingly easy but astonishing destination.


Tourists can travel around the country – cruise, bike, car, or train – with a range of choices. The diversity of the places to visit Norway tour packages makes an exciting experience year-round from the glowing summer sun over vast glaciers to the amazing wonder of the northern lights. In Norway’s wealthy, fascinating history, cultural expeditions have a lot to offer.


Here is the list of top spots to go to North-Western Europe




Ålesund is a port of call to northwestern mountains and the legendary fjords that are among them on the west coast of Norway.


Ålesund was rebuilt around the city following a fire in 1904 that ruined the best parts of the city. The picturesque appearance of visitors today is largely the result of the reconstruction carried out with bricks and stones in the prevailing architectonic style of this time.




Tromso is the largest town in Northern Norway and is renowned for its beautiful surroundings, as well as for its numerous wooden houses dating from the 18th century here. The best aspect of Tromsoya Island gives tourists an opportunity for a walk through amazing birch woods to discover some excellent museums.


On a tour of the Storsteinen Range, the Fjellheisen Cable Car offers a magnificent view of the mountains and the surrounding fjords.




There’s plenty for everyone in the northern Norwegian city of Trondheim. It was established in 997 and served as the Viking Age’s National Capital, the third-largest city in the country. It became recognized as the center of religion in Norway during the Middle Ages, which was one of the main causes that historical supporters wanted to find this place during a Norwegian trip.


The city has many remains which represent its glorious past, which is home to Nidaros Cathedral and to the 12th-century castle, the most Northern medieval cathedral in the world, Sverreborg.


Jotunheimen National Park


Jotunheimen is also known as The Giants’ Home and the country’s largest national park and one of Norway’s most popular destinations. The park is in the south-central region. It covers several mountains and comprises 29 of Norway’s highest peaks.


Here also is the Vettisfossen waterfall, which stands 275 meters high as the country’s highest waterfall. Skilling, mountain climbing, summer tours, and glacier tours make this location a tourist’s delight. Outer adventure events for tourists of all skills and ages are also provided by trekking associations and tour companies.




Svalbard has been under Norwegian rule since 1920 as early as a group of islands located between the Norwegian Sea, the Greenland Sea, Barents Sea, and the Arctic Ocean. The towns located here have been constantly populated at the northernmost points of the Earth.


It is located north of Alaska, but only a few Arctic Islands in Canada can pretend to be much farther than any of these settlements. The island’s continuous population does not even exceed 3000 and is concentrated mostly in the major Barentsburg and Longyearbyen villages of Spitsbergen.




Oslo is a lively, modern village with a relaxed and optimistic mood, Norway’s national capital and the most populous in Norway’s cities. Oslo is a large combination of lush, parks, and forest and urban residential habitats with a double-to-one ratio, located along the horseshoe-shaped coast of Oslofjord.


If you’re thinking about what to do in Norway, you will be able to do adventurous things like biking and walking. A reminder of Oslo’s rich cultural heritage is the 19th Century City center with its animated restaurants, magnificent cafes and bars, and museums, and the Nobel Peace Center in the old city railway station.




Stavanger is located in south-western Norway and is among the few places where long sandy beaches can be found. It is the perfect destination for summer visitors looking for a combination of Scandinavian sunbathing and exploration.


The city has a port that ships on fjord tours like their port-of-call. Most attractions at Stavanger are only a short walk away. Tourists are invited to visit the Museum of Art of Rogaland and the Stavanger Cathedral is Norway’s finest medieval church to taste the excellent art collection.


Lofoten Islands


On a trip to Norway, Lofoten is considered a number of islands in the north of Norway as an extremely popular tourist destination. The tiny fishing villages nestling in the fjords look like artistic re-enactments directly off the postcard, along a highly rough coastline with peaks steeply rising from the water.


The archipelago was also called one of the most beautiful in Norway. It lies just outside the Arctic Circle and is approximately the same in a latitudinal location as Greenland.




Since the Middle Ages, Bergen is the second-largest city of the nation and the leading western harbor. A popular tourist spot, as well as a working port of the modern age, has been the 15th-century waterfront in Bergen, Bryggen, with guests eager to savor fresh catch in the numerous seafront restaurants.


Bergen, along with the surrounding islands, is an ideal home for those who are looking at the scenic fjords around it. The city has a lot to offer, however, through its walls as places of tourist interest.


Western Fjords


Unlike many people, fjords are well-known in Norway and can be found in all parts of the world only in a particular place or area. The most popular and tragic site in the area stretches from Molde to Stavanger, concentrated mostly in the west.


The western fjords appear varied but are narrow with steep cliff surroundings and high mountains. The most popular names tourists shouldn’t skip are Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord.