South India’s Top 8 Positions

South India has many different experiences and is a fascinating place. Bordered on the West by the Arab Sea, the Bay of Bengal to the East, and the South Indian Ocean, the South Indian Peninsula covers the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and the union territory of the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Explore Kerala’s wonders, see past ruins in Hampi, the French colonies at Pondicherry, Ooty and Kodagu tea and coffee plantations, ancient Madurai & Thanjavur temples, and Nagarhole/Periyar national park wildlife. Here you can encounter wildlife. The area is also famous for its original authentic food and classical styles of dance. World-famous delicacies such as Idli, Dosa, and Sambar come from this region. There is also a list of 8 must-visit places in this area that will certainly inspire you to schedule your South India post-pandemic tours.




Kumarakom is a paradise for travelers and is situated just 75 km from the airport of Kochi. Kumarakom is a pleasant backwater destination and is located in the Kerala district of Kottayam, on a group of islands on Vembanad lake. The Bird Sanctuary is located here and will introduce you to a number of migratory birds including Siberian Stork, Egret, Darter, Heron, and Teal. This Bird Sanctuary is a stunning trail full of greenery, full of natural beauty. In Kumarakom, remain with modern facilities in a typically furnished houseboat.




Kovalam is an enchanting coastal city situated 12 km from the international airport of Trivandrum and is popular for its crystal-shaped beaches. On the pristine Hawa Beach, surrounded by a bunch of palm grooves you can unwind and sunbathe. Early in the morning, you can take a walk on this beach and learn how local fishermen sing and sing as they go fishing. The Samudra beach in Kovalam is a good option for honeymooners, as its isolation is the most attractive aspect. Beach Samudra is a quiet urban getaway. Kovalam is also famous for herbal treatments and Ayurveda.




Madurai is also regarded and a temple city as one of the oldest cities in India. The town is all about old temples, rightly referred to as “Eastern Athens.” Meenakshi Amman Temple, dedicated to Goddess Parvati, is the most renowned ancient temple in the center of the city. The magnificent Dravidian style of buildings estimated to be 33,000 exquisitely constructed sculptures and 4,500 pillars from 1623 until 1655 CE is a marvel of architecture. The Thirumalainayakar Palace is also a wonderful architecture in Madurai that displays Dravidian, European, and Islamic styles of architecture.




Ooty is a famous Tamil Nadu hill station, located 88 km from Coimbatore International Airport. From Mettupalayam (Coimbatore), you can board the Nilgiri Mountain Railway to Udagamandalam (Ooty) and it is a five-hour drive to Ooty. It’s a Toy Train passing by the picturesque mountains of Nilgiri, plantations of tea, and scenery that you can’t skip. In 2005 the train became a UNESCO World Patrimony. Enjoy boating or hoping out for horse riding at the lovely Ooty Lake. Take a visit to a tea factory to learn more about the production of tea.




Pondicherry is one of the eight Union Territories in India and a natural combination of Indian and French architecture. It’s actually a destination for beach lovers with a pleasant coastline. Spend your holidays on Paradise Beach or Paradise Island alongside bright waters and palm trees. To hit the beach you have to take 20-30 minutes by ferry. Auroville is a must-visit for those looking for relaxation and tranquillity. It is an exercise of human solidarity in diversity. it is a municipality. Matrimandir is the main attraction of the city. The center of visitors takes 10-15 minutes on foot.




Mahabalipuram is a famous stop between Chennai and Pondicherry, located approximately 55 km from Chennai International Airport, and 96 km from Pondicherry. Mahabalipuram lies on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, which is of historical significance. The towering temples and the rock-cut caves of Mahabalipuram are famous. Here the Shore Temple, one of the oldest temples in India, is the main attraction. The Shore Temple has been constructed on granite stones and is a World Heritage site of UNESCO. This temple is built in the Dravidian style of architecture from the 7th-8th centuries and its construction is remarkable.




Hyderabad, popularly referred to as the city of pearls and the town of Nizams, combines rich culture, ancient patrimony, and contemporary facilities. Hyderabad is India’s capital of the state of Telangana. The city of Hyderabad is host to iconic sights such as Charminar, Lake Golkonda, Hussain Sagar, and many others. Lake Hussain Sagar is famous for being the greatest artificial lake in Asia. In the middle of the lagoon, there is a tall monolithic statue of Gautam Buddha. Charminar is a fine example of Indo-Islamic architecture of Persian influences, located in the heart of town.




Hampi is the most spectacular city to visit in South India and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hampi is a historic city in northern Karnataka, in a shadow of hills and valleys. Hubli Airport is the closest airport to Hampi. The ruins of Hampi also recall the greatness of the past. You can see a monolithic bull made out of one single giant rock here on one side and Shiva Temple on the other. It is wonderful to see how these sculptures were handled without sophisticated, modern technology at the time.