Kasol: Visit the top 10 places on your next journey in Kasol

Kasol is a small but lovely suburb situated in a quiet area of Himachal Pradesh in North India on the banks of the river Parvati. This peaceful and simple place is located at least once a day in the Himalayas and every Indian dreams to visit Kasol. Kasol is one of India’s most beautiful places to escape the chaos of this crazy life, and far more than a backpacker’s pleasure. If you are still going to explore this Paradise, you will definitely be tempted to schedule your trip here is a detailed list of the best destinations in Kasol.


10 best places in Kasol to visit


  1. Walking by the Parvati River


River Parvati is one of the best places to see in Kasol and passes through Parvati Valley. This place is extremely beautiful, thanks to its picturesque valley scenery and friendly riverside than elsewhere in Himachal Pradesh. The most calming and rejuvenating experience in Kasol is a walk along the Parvati River. This place is picturesque enough to envy your mates. Expand on the smooth rock next to the river and your feet hang in cool water to enjoy a nice afternoon.


  1. Visit Manikaran Sahib


The two rivers – Bea and Parvati – are constructed between Manikaran Sahib, just 6 km from Kasol. Manikaran Sahib is a Gurudwara who receives thousands of devotees from Hindu to Sikh year-round. This site is characterized by the hot spring situated on the grounds of the Gurudwara. The devotees believe in dipping their sins in this holy water. The ‘Langar’ is tasty and enticing, as all the other Gurudwaras do.


  1. Malana: Little Greece of India


Malana is known for its distinctive culture, and the temple of Jammu Devta, one of the most ancient villages in the area. Malana, a small Himachal Pradesh hamlet, has become disconnected from the world. You assume that contact with external people will undermine their race’s pureness. Without their permission, a visitor cannot contact them or their belongings. If any visitor touches it, they wash their walls with the buffalo blood. You think you are the descendants of Alexander the Great and hence the village is often known as ‘Little Greece of India.’


  1. Trek to Kheer Ganga


One of the easiest hikes in Kasol, possibly the Kheer Ganga Trek, is one of the best places to visit in Kasol. A nine-kilometer, four-hour, steep climb on narrow and challenging roads to Kheer Ganga. In every aspect of the universe, reaching the Kheer Ganga peak is satisfying. Although this trip is not permitted to less safe people, it surprises those who complete it with thermal sources at its height. Lie down in the hot bath to relax. Overnight stays at the peak can also be offered. The towns offer cheap accommodation and delicious food. This is a memory and should be added to the list of places to visit in Kasol


  1. Tosh Village


Tosh is also a tourist destination in Kasol, and a spot to enjoy. The best way to get to the village is by walking up the hill to see the beautiful city of Kasol. Taxis are also available to carry you there at a minimum cost. There are many cafes with great Israeli and European cuisine and a perfect atmosphere. Tosh has a European influence and it should be on your list if you want to experience this atmosphere.


  1. Tirthan Valley


The valley of Tirthan, located about 60 km from Kasol, offers a beautiful view without concrete paths, stunned by visitors. You can relax by the river and walk in the jungle in the middle of a waterfall. The Tirthan Valley is one of Kasol’s best places to go and must also be visited by those who want to spend holidays in Himachal, in the country of the gods.


  1. Chhalal Village


The village of Chhalal lies on the banks of the Parvati River, at an altitude of approximately 5366 m above sea level. It is too far from Kasol and it is one of Kasol’s most beautiful places for visitors in search of the city’s little sights. Chhalal’s culture is Israeli, and tourists will experience the same in their homes and in their cuisine. Chhalal has special cafés, like Tosh, and some of Israel’s best cuisines can be tried.


  1. Kullu


The town of Kullu is about 50 km from Kasol. Kullu has many tourist attractions and events and is a near getaway from Kasol. There are temples, historical sites, rivers, and more in Kullu. Adventurous activities like hiking, yak safari, and river rafting can also be experienced. Kullu’s picturesque scenery, events, and tourist attractions are everything the tourists want to experience on holiday.


  1. Manali


Manali, more than 2000 meters above sea level, is located about 80 kilometers from Kasol. Manali, known for its sneezing mountains, is a tourist destination that is extremely beautiful and friendly. Manali has beautiful scenery and numerous tourist events. There are several other adventurous activities for tourists here, including skiing, paragliding, trekking.


Manali is known for the Rohtang Pass, a snow-covered high mountain pass. It is 51 km from Manali. It is situated. Manali is one of the best places to visit in Kasol with its history, nature, and adventure.


  1. Pulga Village


Locations are among the popular places to visit in Kasol, which is called Pulga, at a distance of 16 km. Pulga in Parvati Valley is famous for the temple or Gurudwara. It has many visitors from abroad during the year. Pulga is known among backpackers as an offbeat destination. It is popular also for its Himalayan tea gardens.