How to Check Credit Cards Application Status, Statement & Payment 

Credit cards serve as reliable tools that allow for cashless payments to be conducted with ease. With a credit card, cardholders gain access to a line of credit that they can choose to spend on whatever they deem fit. This line of credit is extended to them based on the understanding that they will repay the sum of money used on the credit card which has an interest applicable to it. In addition to this, cardholders are expected to pay a certain fee associated with the maintenance and upkeep of availing of the credit via the credit card. 

Read on to understand how you can check the application status of a credit card you apply for, how to check your statement and how to pay your credit card bill.

Credit Card Statements

Credit card statements are sent on a monthly basis to cardholders. This credit card statement conveys information pertaining to the card including a detailed outline of the cardholder’s payment history and credit.

With a credit card statement, you are made aware of the following.

  • Credit card updates
  • Summary of credit spending by you
  • Latest services offered by the card provider
  • Knowledge pertaining to rewards and offers

You can review your credit card statement via any one of the following channels.

  • Email – Sign up to receive credit card e-statements that are sent to your registered email.
  • Net banking – Visit your card provider’s net banking portal and sign in to view your statement.
  • SMS – Send your bank an SMS to receive the same.
  • Postal service – Although not encouraged, you can receive a physical copy of your statement that’s delivered to your address should you sign up for this service.

Check your Credit Card Application Status

In order to understand and track your credit card’s application status, you can follow the steps listed below. 

  • Start by visiting the credit card provider’s website online.
  • Select the ‘track application’ button.
  • After clicking the ‘application status’ button, you will be asked to fill out your application form and provide details pertinent to yourself such as your PAN card number.
  • After filling out and submitting this information, click the ‘enter’ button.
  • You will then see the status of your credit card application.

If offline tracking suits you better, you can visit the credit card provider’s office or call their helpline to understand your credit card application status.

Credit Card Bill Payments

Credit card bill payment can be made in several ways, a few of which have been examined below.

Online payments – 

  • IMPS
  • NEFT
  • Net banking
  • Billdesk
  • Mobile wallet
  • Visa money transfer
  • Auto debit

Offline payments – 

  • Cash
  • Contacting customer care via a phone call 
  • Payments made with a debit card at an ATM
  • Cheque or demand deposit 

It is important to pay credit card bills on time such that you can maintain a good credit score.


Credit cards have proven to be immensely useful tools for conducting cashless, safe, and instant transactions. Enjoy the convenience of using a credit card on Finserv MARKETS today.