Himachal Pradesh Top 8 Monsoon Treks

When the temperatures are maximum, everybody likes a Himlayan walk. We have a sunny, luminous sky. However, once we had Monsoons, most of us wouldn’t even consider a Himachal Pradesh trek. There’s something that makes us want to stay indoors about the rains. But the hiking season isn’t over in the Monsoon. Some of the walking trails are best enjoyed during this season, with lush green valleys flowering everywhere. All you have to do is to plan yourself better and have a decent rain cover and you have a unique experience.


A shortlist, but not a complete list of Himachal Pradesh Monsoon Treks.


1) Chandratal Lake Trek


The picturesque Chandratal Lake Trek should be performed for those who want to avoid the rainy monsoons of Himachal Pradesh for many days. This tour promises to showcase climbing valleys full of brightly colored flowers, all in full bloom due to the powerful moonsoon rains. On all sides, snow-capped mountain peaks surround hikers as they go up the mountain road to the pristine Lake Chandratal. On the way to the lake, you camp at a place named Balu Ka Gera – home to the brown Himalayan bear. While in the mountain season it is difficult to see these bears, walkers should still have their cameras ready because there are certainly others.


2) Hampta Pass Trek


From the gentle green Kullu Valley, as well as up colorful mountain ski pistes, the Hampta Pass Trek brings climbers to the Hampta Pass. From there you can enjoy wide panoramic views of the Lahaul Valley below – a vast green space that stretches far away. The showers of the moonsoon give a calm, relaxing, and fun environment, in which the trek can not pose any other challenges except some gentle sprays.


The Hampta Pass is one of the few treks that deliver such diverse terrains at Himachal Pradesh! From empty deserts to lush, green valleys and winding banks of winding mountain peaks. Against the background.


3) Beas Kund Trek


On the winding Beas River the direction Beas Kund trek. On either side of the trekking path, there is a tall Pir Pinjal mountain peak surrounding hikers on all sides and lush wetlands.

A pristine glacial lake is 12,000 meters above sea level and seems even more interesting during the cool months of the monsoon, as a mild haze covers the slopes of the mountains. This lake provides fresh, alpine, and mountain waters for the Beas River. Particularly in monsoons, the sparkling water of the Beas River sounds so attractive as ever.


4) Bhrigu Lake Trek


One of the best climbs during the moonsoon of Manali. The Bhrigu Lake Trek. The alpine wilderness stretches well into the horizon. This season is guaranteed to be full-flowing, deep, green valleys and dense oak forests, and the cool, gentle rustling will certainly refresh each walker’s feelings! This hike will present climbers of the stunning, pristine Bhrigu Lake apart from magnificent snow-capped mountain peaks. In winter, the water changes from a royal blue to a lighter green in summer.


5) Prashar Lake Trek


The pristine Prashar Lake is located near a picturesque little temple- the Prashar Rishi and is surrounded by the tall ranges of Dhauladhar and Pir Pinjal mountains in the Kullu Valley. The trekking route of Prashar Lake is full of sweet cedar, fir, and spruce trees, with monsoon showers all blossoming. The splendid cascades feed on the moonsoon as they flow down the mountain paths and down into the rivers below. Prashar Lake Trek is an easy walk but some steep ridges make the monsoons challenging to ascend. This two-day hike, however, is suitable for beginners who want to challenge themselves.


6) Pin Parvati Trek


This 12-day Pin Parvati Trek is built for explorers and thrillers. On this walk are frequently seen large glaciers, deep gaps, and slippery slopes. The trekking terrain covers wondrous forests, green valleys, snowy mountains, and tiny Buddhist mountain villages.


This walkway crosses the dry Spiti deserts and the lush Parvati Valley. The wetlands of Odi Tach flaunt a large variety of colorful flowers that during monsoons are as light and smelling as ever. The warm springs en route provide the perfect breaks from cold, humid, mountain air, and the views of the lush green valley underneath Pin Parvati Pass are really magnificent!


7) Kareri Lake Trek


This trek brings climbers through the forests of holly, oak, and spruce, and past small lakes, desert mountain passes, and valleys.


The walk starts from the village of Ghera. This trek then takes climbers to another picturesque place, the Village of Kareri. Guests can find accommodation here because it is not advisable to camp in the dumb wetland during monsoons. The rains of the moonsoon have made the valleys lush, profound, and green. Even a rare animal or so can be seen by climbers. There is a path that goes from Kareri Village right up to Kareri Lake, an elliptical shape.


8) Parang La Trek


The walk will take visitors past the Valle del Ladakh-Spiti, a popular tourist destination, and Parang La Pass. The mountains are coated with snow over the trail and the valleys begin to cover with vivid, sweet, sweet-scented flowers. Trekking people from the other side of the Parang La Pass await an uncluttered glacial lake, the Tso Moriri. This lake appears as spellbinding and ethereal as ever in the mild mountain drizzle and cool climate!