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About sar pass


Huddled 13,700 ft. above sea level in Himachal Pradesh Kullu district, there is a snowy dream world which invites herds of explorers. The Sar Pass is one of India’s most scenic treks, with its rich trees, sylvan wetlands and rushing rivers promised to cover a mezzanine. Kasol, the base village for the walking, is your first destination. It is a lovely hamlet that reflects Israel’s culture and makes it an ideal destination for any backpacker.


The initial part of the Sar Pass is housed in beautiful forests, which seem like a fantasy film. The scenery changes from grassy wetlands to the Narnia winterland in the middle of the trek! The green and brown patches are covered under a powdery snow layer. This is the most exciting part of the last or two hour trek to the main Sar Pass, as the slope is almost 90°!! As intimidating as it sounds, your fear and fatigue are overcome by the surrounding Himalayan beauty. The highlight of the trek on the Sar Pass is the slope descending from the Sar Pass, which can’t be crossed by trekking. You gotta go down the path! It feels like a rolling shore.


About sar pass trek


Sar Pass Tour is one of the most popular treks in India and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks of the Himalayas. From the famous village of Kasol, also called a paradise for backpackers, the trail weaves a mixture of dense pine forests and rhododendron, lush wetlands and rustic hamlets. The trek is ideal for fit beginners and is leaning a little towards a moderate difficulty level. In terms of technology, the Sar Pass is basically a mountain ridge, not a true mountain pass. But that doesn’t mean that it’s less exciting than one!


Located in Kullu’s serene Parvati Valley, Sar Pass overlooking the roar of the River Parvati provides unparalleled views. The Sar top offers an impressive panorama of snow covered summits and nebulous mountain valleys. Sar Pass also houses some of the finest campsites in its lush curves, such as Min Thach, Biskeri Thatch and Nagaru. The road is very hyperspiring, supplemented by a couple of gurgling streams that offer trekkers an exciting lullaby. Trekkers cross the frozen waters of the Parvati River to Pulga, a picturesque little village.


The trek is best enjoyed between May and October, when the high altitude path is covered by a dense snow cloth! The land turns from a memorable landscape to a beautifully subtle winter land. Sar Pass is a camera full of postcard worthy portraits and a heart full of life-long memories that enchanted the senses with a delightful caress of visual and spiritual beauty.. Make your trip into the Himalayan world by Sar Pass, which ensures that further adventures can take place. Sar Pass.


The beauty of a magnificent green field against a hill of stunning, snow-capped Himalayan peaks with a halo of waves.




Start your walk from the centre of Kasol and hold the Grahan nalah to the true left. The path is simple and mostly used by local people.


Trek in beautiful pine woods.


In a few hours you can easily cover a lot of distance.


After Grahan nalah, the track becomes rough and ascends from the right bank of the river. Buras in the trees (Rhododendrons).


Petals of rhododendron may be consumed fully, and the syrup can be combined with water to create a cool cocktail.


The steep ascent of Grahan, located on the top of the village, takes about an hour.


Hang at Grahan for overnight.




Climb north of the Grahan campground. This route to Min Thach is visible to the villagers.


After a while, on the mountains to the right, you see the Min Thach, Nagaru and Sar Top.


Trek down the steeper road into the forest.


The road gets steeper and in some ways the path is confusing.


The forest arrives in Min Thach after crossing.


The stretch of Chandrakhani and other ranges from here are clearly visible.


Min Thach for overnight.




Trek across the forests and from Min Thach to Nagaru. It’s hard to walk, the hill steeply falls down to the low valley and snow can be slick.


After a few hours of climbing, you can hit the campsite in Nagaru.


In the north facing the Parvati Valley you can see majestic mountains; Manikaran city is also visible.

Sleep early and the next day needs an early beginning.?


At Nagaru overnight.




Begin early, as the gradient through the snow is steep.


From here you can see the Sars pass and the high peaks of the Tosh Valley.


Get to the top and have a wonderful look. The slide is then the most enjoyable and innocuous while some steps have been taken..


The ride takes you to the milder slope of the valley for up to one kilometre.


After an hour of cycling, arrive in the valley at the Biskeri Thach campsite, which is reached after several lakes.


Thach Biskeri Overnight. Overnight.




Enjoy the magnificent view of pine trees, the magical mountains and Biskeri’s beautiful grasslands.


Cross a steep plot with a fence all over from Biskeri.


Cross a creek and a campsite across after passing the thick wood..


On the left of the campsite you find the way to Pulga village. A stream separates twin settlements of Pulga and Tulga.


Cross a bridge on the Parvati River from Tulga to Barshaini village.


Jeep to base camp of Kasol.