A few tactics that can help you to become popular on Instagram

The mobile application Instagram is ranked as one of the most popular social media platforms that can help you to create a career and to monetize through the usage of the platform. Instagram is so popular that it already has around 900 billion active users in general. There are also around 50 million business accounts that operate successful business strategies and even some of those businesses managed to raise their brand to worldwide popular level and they are generating lots of money owing to Instagram. Not only business owners have the chance to earn money through Instagram, there are also lots of personal accounts that managed to gain popularity and to become influencers which also gives them the chance to earn money. 

In fact some of those influencer even turned into millionaires using the social platform and you are probably asking how is this possible, so in this article we will see some methods and tactics that can help you to become popular on Instagram and once you did you will have the chance to start earning money through the social platform Instagram. 

The first step is to determine your niche and choose the topic that you will dedicate your account to. It may be food, travel, and fashion and so on. The golden rule when it comes to social media marketing is to define your niche in order to become a powerful influencer. When you choose your niche, you need to start uploading content that is related to your niche in order to show the brands and companies that will potentially collaborate with you that you are an expert in your niche. This way you will build awareness and credibility to your Instagram account and the brands that are related to your niche will prefer to work with you, rather than other influencers. 


As we already mentioned after you have determined your niche, you should start uploading content related to this niche. Once you start posting pictures and videos you should publish content frequently. Probably in the beginning it will be a bit harder because you will not have an established audience, but you can always buy real followers on Instagram from Greedier Social Media supplier and build your audience quickly.

Once you manage to establish your loyal audience, you definitely should upload content pretty often, because the users want to see what an influencer’s life is on a daily basis. In order to create the habit for the other users to check and engage with your Instagram account you should be consistent. It is recommended to post once per day, both pictures/videos and Instagram stories. In fact, Instagram stories are considered as one of the most powerful methods of attracting traffic on your account and it is totally fine to post more than one Instagram story per day, just try not to be too annoying by uploading 20 stories per day, because people will get frustrated and they may inflow you. 

Another thing that you should do is to check your “Insights”. If you run a business account you will be able to check the analysis on your publications. You are able to check how many people have visited your profile based on a specific time frame. You can also check your most liked post, and some information regarding your followers like their age, locations or gender. 

Instagram is such a huge platform that everyone has the ability to become an influencer. If you manage to become famous on Instagram you can pay off by sponsored deals with different brands. You can even create your own product and start selling it on Instagram.